Cool or Uncool??

Here’s the question (as it relates to this post…obviously):  how cool should Christianity be?

Really cool? Like “everyone wants to be a part of it” cool?

Sort of cool? Like “only nerds and some super geeky people will like it?

Should it be trendy? Like only scenster kids will like it? Because Paiste tells them to?

Should it be lame? Like only old folks and people with desk jobs will like it?

(No offense intended by any of these, just trying to be descriptive 🙂

But really, how cool should Christianity be? How cool should the church be?


I read a super interesting article recently that really got me thinking about this idea.

America, and really the world, (which really just means “people”) thrives on the idea of “cool” (and sometimes “anti-cool”).

We spend lots of money at the Guess store so that everyone knows we spent lots of money at the Guess store to look really cool. OR we spend just as much money at Urban Outfitters to look like we didn’t spend much money to look anti-cool… and really just be cool with the anti-cool folks…..Hmmm…(again, no offense intended….)

We like to like things that other people like so that we fit in with them. So we look for what’s cool. Or what’s fun. And we like it. Or agree with it. Because, at the moment, its cool.

But that’s the key. At any given moment, without notice, at the drop of a hat, it seems like what was once cool is not cool any more. Something else is cool. So we all do that.


Should it bother us that people often use  words like “cool” and “fun” to describe churches. Should it bother us that people say they go to a certain church because they “agree” with the teaching? Should it bother us that people go to a certain church because the music is “rock and roll” and they think that’s cool? Should it bother us that people go to a certain church because the teaching pastor is just “awesome”?

What if you stop liking the music? What if you don’t agree with a particular teaching? What if something stops being fun? What if another pastor comes along that is more “awesome”? What if it stops being “cool”?

I think a lot churches have fallen prey to the same consumer mentality that runs the rest of the world.

And we, as the people, treat the church like we do every other thing in the world; we consume it.


The church should be lasting. The message of the church is universal. Jesus is always relevant.

Church leaders – stop doing things to be cool. Soon what you’re doing won’t be cool. If your church is built on being cool then you will do just about anything to stay that way… and that’s bad news…

Everyone else – please stop “consuming” church. Are you willing to stick with the body of christ when it’s hard? not fun? disagreeable to you? When your pastor is not the cool kid in town?

Should the church be cool? Should it be uncool? Should it be neither?

I think that whole conversation might not have any place in our conversation. Because what’s cool won’t always be cool. Let’s not base our churches on that.

Jeff, the lead pastor at Visio Dei always says “what you win people with is what you win them to”.

Let’s not win people with cool.

Let’s win people with something that actually means something.


3 thoughts on “Cool or Uncool??

  1. “The church should be lasting. The message of the church is universal.” Amen! A church built on cool isn’t a lasting church. And it isnt a church seeking to expand God’s kingdom, its a church interested in expanding its own kingdom and name. I love this post. Well done!

  2. Man, this stuff is deep…
    Awesome job Pat, this is some of the exact stuff I’ve been thinking about/discussing recently, and my pastor loves the “win them with/to” quote.
    FYI we plan on planning on coming out to the p&w night at viseo dei, hope you can channel some old school crusade at providence w/ shelly and dave holt, those were some great times of worship!!!

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