Sunday – 8.28.11

This week at Visio Dei we wrapped up our series called Where is God When Life Happens?

You have probably noticed that the details of these last few posts are pretty thin. That’s intentional. It’s because I don’t really want to plaster the stories that people have told all over the internet. Some of them get pretty hairy 🙂

That said, this week we were really confronted with the fact that we are NOT in control. God’s will will be accomplished in His way and in His time. For our part, there are times when this can be as frustrating as anyway. Patience is not something that comes naturally to many people. Situations can be hard and answers can seem far away. Our prayer is that we keep God in his proper place: on the throne.

He is always Good. He is always right. And He is always perfect.

Band for the Week Was:

Jon Hathaway – acoustic guitar + vox

John Enzor – bass

Rebecca Schlieman – vox

Kendal Quinn – cello

Marty Lynn – keys

Patrick Downing – drums

Setlist for the week was:

Glory to God Forever – Fee

Cannons – Wickham

Beautiful the Blood – Fee

In Christ Alone – Visio

Center – Charlie Hall


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