Sunday 9.4.11

What an powerful morning @visiodei. (twitter).

I thought it was powerful because the truth was spoken so amazingly clearly. Often times churches tend to gloss over hard topics (read: sin) in favor of talking about more warm, fuzzy things like community, mission, justice. All of those things are great and we should talk about them often.

But the truth is, those things are not the gospel. I feel like those things come out of the gospel.

But if we never talk about the gospel then those things won’t ever happen.


This week at Visio Dei, Jeff talked about sin. And he talked about it through the lens of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. And specifically through the story of Lot and his involvement with the city of Sodom.

Most of the problem started with the fact that Lot didn’t take sin anywhere as close to as seriously as he should have. At the start of the story he is moving into the valley towards Sodom. And then later on he has moved into town. And then he is going to war with the king of Sodom. Towards the end of the story he is offering his daughters to the men of the town. And by the end of the story his daughters are getting him drunk and raping him. Crazy. Sin has ruined him.

It looks like he has gotten more and more comfortable with sin. And thats scary. Because its subtle. It might take time. And it involves lots of little decisions along the way. Scary stuff.

As believers, we are continually called be different than the world. To be set apart and to be holy. But we are sent into the world, much like Lot’s uncle Abraham was, for the sake of its redemption.

And we only do that by the power of Christ.


Band for the week was:

Jason Gore – acoustic guitar + vox

Julie Watkins – vox

Aaron Chappell – electric guitar + vox

Patrick Downing – electric guitar + vox

Zack Van Hoy – drums

John Enzor – bass

Set list for the week was: 

Day After Day – Stanfill

How Great is Our God – Visio Dei

Give Me Faith – Elevation/Visio Dei

Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong

Nothing but the Blood – Redman


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