Sunday – 9.18.11

This week was week 2 of our Rhythms series at Visio Dei. Jeff has been spending some time talking about some of the disciplines of the Christian life. These things are essential if we are going to prepare our hearts for the gospel to really sink in and change us.

This week we talked about a pretty simple concept: reading your Bible. Simply put, the story that is taking place in the Bible is the story that you are living out. The God in the Bible is the real God. The problem on sin in the Bible really is your problem. The good news about Jesus Christ really is the good news that can change your life. If you are not living out of this story then you are trying to live out of another one; one that is not true.

My prayer is that we will dig into our Bible every day. And we will be open to what the Spirit is telling us and teaching us through that.

Setlist for the week was: 

Cannons – Wickham

Here is Our King – Crowder

You are the Lord – Hillsong

The Stand – Hillsong

Always – Stanfill

Band for the week was:

Jake Taylor – acoustic guitar + voc

Katie Pritchett – vox

John Bass – bass

Amaree Davis – violin

Marty Lynn – keys


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