Sunday – 9.25.11

This Sunday we continued our series called Rhythms (or Time to Grow Up….which I like better)…

Jason delivered a message about the necessity of community using Genesis 1 and 1 Peter chapter 2. The short of it is, we are made in the image of a communal God. He always has and always will exist in perfect communion with himself (trinity). And that communal God has always been about having a people; a holy people; a holy nation. The gospel demands that, if we are to live out the gospel rightly, we must live in community; and this is only possible THROUGH the gospel.

Band for the week was:

John Enzor – bass

Jon Pritchett – mandolin

Alex Dellapenta – acoustic guitar + vox

Rebecca Schlieman – vox

Patrick Downing – acoustic guitar + vox

Kendal Quinn – djembe + perc


Set list for the week was:

Always – Kristian Stanfill

Lord Almighty – Kristian Stanfill

Stronger – Hillsong

We Believe – Visio Dei – I was very excited about this new song. It was written in the middle of last week specifically for our church and specifically for this message. It’s fantastic when a song so clearly falls out of what we are studying and going through as a church.



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