Continuous Outpouring

I read an article recently (on a website called The Resurgence) by a guy named Harold Best. His point was that the 3 persons of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) exist in what he called “continuous outpouring”. The “persons” of God are continuously outpouring to each other in community, communion, love, respect, friendship, etc… Then he said this,
“We were created continuously outpouring. Note that I did not say we were created to be continuous outpourers. Nor can I dare imply that we were created to worship. This would suggest that God is an incomplete person whose need for something outside himself (worship) completes his sense of himself. It might not even be safe to say that we were created for worship, because the inference can be drawn that worship is a capacity that can be separated out and eventually relegated to one of several categories of being. I believe it is strategically important, therefore, to say that we were created continuously outpouring—we were created in that condition, at that instant, imago Dei.”
I think that’s awesome stuff.
So then I noted that our vision at Visio Dei is to be “learners, lover and givers” right?
I really think the same thought process applies to Visio Dei’s vision.
We exist constantly learning something. We are constantly loving something. And we are constantly giving ourselves to something. We obviously have a choice as to what those things are.
My prayer is that we would be learning about God. We would be loving God. And we would be giving ourselves to God.

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