Sunday – 11.6.11

We were back in Nehemiah this week. Jeff dug into chapter 5 and brought an awesome word on authority.

People are flawed. No person is going to be a perfect authority. The authority in your life will inevitably fail in some way. So the temptation is to not trust authority and to rebell against it. But you have trust that God is control. He knows that people are flawed and he knows that human authority is flawed.

In Jesus’ time, God knew the Sanhedrin (Jewish Authority) was flawed. God knew the Roman authorities were flawed. The trials of Jesus were a mockery of justice. But at the end of the day, who was it who sent Jesus to the cross – it was God, his father. God used the messed up forms of human authority to accomplish his purposes.

The ultimate point is this: God uses imperfect authority, perfectly. 

So trust your leaders. Pray for them. Know that they know the standards by which they will be judged and they are constantly seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that they might be used more perfectly.

Setlist for the week was: 

Hosanna – Brenton Brown

Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong

Lord I Need You – Tomlin

How He Loves – McMillan

Forever Reign – Hillsong


Band for the week was:

Jason Gore – acoustic guitar + vox

Julie Watkins – vox

Brent Francese – drums

Scott Wenger – bass

Alex Dellapenta – electric guitar + vox

Ben Davis – electric guitar + vox

*Note – we try to switch things up a good bit at Visio Dei. It’s true that we have lots of rock and roll musicians, so we play a lot of rock and roll. BUT, The body of Christ is not a completely uniform bunch of people. We are pretty eclectic bunch. 1) we have people on the team are really skilled in other types/feels of music and 2) we have people not on the team who really respond to other types of music. So we try not to cram the body of Christ into one little rock and roll box. THAT SAID, if you know some of our players, then from looking at that list above, this week was pretty rock and roll…. 🙂


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