Sunday – 6.10.12 – Worship Recap

This Sunday was out last week in our series in Acts.

At the end of his life, Paul found himself in prison in Rome. He had preached the gospel in the heart of the most powerful empire on earth, just like God told him he would have to.

Almost everyone had abandoned him. For him, the statement “to live is Christ and to die is gain” was an impending reality and he knew it.

Paul had given up everything to be obedient to God, and God turned his whole life completely upside down. But because of Paul’s obedience, God turned the whole world upside down.

Are we will to give up everything like Paul did? Are we so tied into this world that we would be hindered from allowing God to turn our lives upside down? God wants to use his church to do big things. We only need to be obedient to him.

The book of Acts is an incredibly story about how God took the gospel the ends of the earth using the early church and those who were willing to risk everything to follow him. My prayer is that God would use Visio Dei to continue that mission.

Setlist for the Week Was:

  • Holding Nothing Back – Tim Hughes
  • Holy – Redman
  • Here is Love – VD
  • Lord I Need You – Chris Tomlin
  • Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture

Band for the Week Was:

  • John Bass – bass
  • Kendal Quinn – djembe
  • Patrick Downing – acoustic guitar + vox
  • Jessie Kyarsgaard – vox
  • Amaree Davis – violin

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