I Don’t Always Want to Sing

Confession time – I don’t always feel like singing. It’ just a fact.

There are times when I feel very close to God. And I feel His presence and I WANT to worship him.

But that’s not all the time. Sometimes I am just not that into it. I don’t always “feel” like I am in a worshipful mood. Sometimes the music starts and I just couldn’t care less. There have even been times where I was the one starting the music and I wasn’t incredibly into it.

That happens, truthfully, because I change. My mood changes. My attitude changes. My actions change. My response to other people puts me in an unhelpful state of mind.

I change. I change all the time.

But when you think about it, that shouldn’t change how I sing. Part of the reason we sing is to bring praise to God. And to worship Him. We do that because he is WORTHY of praise. And unlike me….

God doesn’t change.

He is always the same. He is always just as much in control. Just as much good. Just as much powerful. Just as much loving. Just as much present. He never changes. We are the ones who change.

Usually, I find the best thing for me to do is just acknowledge it. Tell God that I am not “feeling it” right at that moment. And It usually makes me wonder why it is that I am not feeling it. Usually just that simple act is enough to put my heart in the position that it needs to be in to worship God. It makes me remember why I praise him. Why I worship him.

He’s always worthy and never changes.


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