Home Group – Spiritual Gifts + Teaching

Teaching in our home groups at Visio Dei is INCREDIBLY important.

I don’t make this statement to downplay any other function of a home group, but it has been our experience that, in many ways, the teaching sets the tone for the entire group so I want to talk about that some here….

At Visio Dei we have some specific thoughts on teaching that you may not find at other churches. Allow me to explain…

As most of you already know, the staff and elders at Visio Dei leave the details of the weekly teaching in each home group up to the servant team of each specific home group. We don’t have a year round curriculum that all home groups are going through at all times. There is one main reason for this: we believe that the Holy Spirit has given many different people the gift of teaching and that those people need the opportunity to discover and develop that gift. Part of our vision is that people who are excelling in teaching in home groups begin to teach at our large church gatherings on Sunday mornings. This requires teachers in home groups to be working to discover whether or not they have the gift of teaching, and it requires that they have plenty of opportunities to refine that gift. So most of the year, the teachers in our home groups are planning teaching series’, studying to learn the material to teach and then actually preparing to teach that material to other people.

Two things come to mind right away when I make this point:

  1. This is better for the church – the Bible teaches that all believers have been gifted by the Holy Spirit in different ways for the “edification of the body.” The church is better when people discover and use their gifts. “Teaching” is one of those gifts.
  2. This is harder for the church – more specifically to this post, it’s harder for those people who want to be teachers in home groups. In some churches, the staff prepare curriculum each week that gets sent out to all home group teachers and those teachers simply take the entire group through the prepared material. My goal here is not to knock that method. I know plenty of places where this works really well. But that is not part of the vision of Visio Dei. We feel that if our teachers were handed their curriculums week after week; if every week they were told what to teach and how to teach it; if they were given a list of discussion questions to ask, how would they ever go about digging into God’s word, hearing from God and then learning how to teach God’s word to other people?

If you have volunteered to be a teacher in a home group at Visio Dei, then your goal should be just that: to teach. I know that lot’s of things go into that  and it can be a big responsibility. That’s ok because Biblical teaching should be a big responsibility.

So, if you are a teacher in a home group at Visio Dei, then thank you. Thank you for being committed to your group and for being committed to do what is necessary to teach the Bible. It’s no small thing and we do not take it lightly.

Also know that if you are teaching in a home group then you are part of God’s plan for that home group. Not to be dramatic, but before the creation of the world God knew that you would be teaching in that home group and He has intentions of using your teaching to grow disciples. So be encouraged 🙂

Finally, I want to make sure that teachers have everything they need in preparing to teach their groups so I am preparing a series of blog posts surrounding this topic. One of our goals is for you to develop and grow as a teacher; to study and know God’s word and know how to prepare a lead a discussion for your home group so that they can know God’s word too. Please check back often.

Thanks 🙂


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