Sunday – 9.2.12

This week at Visio Dei Jeff asked two questions that we are all seeking the answers to.

  1. Am I loved?
  2. Am I accepted?

Most people in our society, when asked the question, “are you good” will answer in the affirmative. Often times this gets translated to mean that they are deserving of love and acceptance. People will say, “Well I believe that God is love” and that usually means that God loves them and accepts them as they are. People will claim that they are good and that, therefor, we should love and accept them, but it’s undeniable that most of us spend incredible amounts of energy looking for acceptance from others and from God.

The Bible does teach that God is love and it teaches that man was created good and was therefore acceptable to God. But it also teaches that, when sin entered the world, man became unequivocally not-good and was therefor not acceptable to God.

But I think that,in all of that, God never stopped loving mankind. The Bible says that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” and that “,for God so loved the world” he sent his son to die for us. What we see here is that there is a difference between being loved and being accepted. God does love you, but until you accept the good news of the gospel, you are not acceptable to him.

The gospel is the only remedy to the fact that you are unacceptable to God. At the cross, we received Christ’s righteousness and Christ’s acceptable-ness. So for those who believe, the answers to the questions “am I loved?” and “am I accepted?” is simple: yes.

Setlist for the week was:

  • All Creatures of Our God and King – VD
  • Forever Reign – Hillsong
  • At the Cross – Renstrom
  • Mighty to Save – Hillsong
  • 10,000 Reason – Redman

Band for the week was:

  • Katie Pritchett – vox
  • Josh Mitchell – djembe
  • John Enzor – bass
  • Patrick – guitar + vox

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