Sunday – 10.21.12

Shannon Smith continued our series in Proverbs this week with a discussion on the topic of ‘money’. The bible says a lot about money and wealth.  It says so much that you could easily look at only part of what scripture says and come away with a unbalanced view of how God views wealth. Some think that the Bible clearly teaches that God wants you to be wealthy while others think that Bible commands us to give away everything. Both of these views are incomplete and miss the point. So what is a proper, Biblical view of money?

The first thing to realize is that God created everything and owns everything. We are just stewards of things that belong to God. In light of this, all wealth is a gift from God. The problem is that most of us believe that we earn everything we have. We work hard and use our time and talents and our resources to earn money and so we think that any money that we receive is rightfully ours. But we don’t realize that all of those things (time, talents, resources, etc) are all gifts from God.  Few things can become controlling of our lives like money can. Earning money, having money or not having money can quickly become and idol in our lives. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: is my money my god or is my money my God’s?

Proverbs does offer some practical thoughts on money; we should have a budget and plan wisely and diligently; we should honor God with the firstfruits of our earnings; debt is to be avoided and finally, we should be very generous with the money that we have.

Again, God is a giver of good gifts and everything that we have, he has entrusted  to us. We should seek to be wise stewards of God’s money and use it in ways that honor him.  We should be generous just as he has been generous with us not only by giving us many material blessings, but by giving us his son, Jesus Christ.

Band for the week was:

  • Brent Francese – drums
  • Jake Taylor – guitar + vox
  • John Enzor – bass
  • Alex Dellapenta – guitar + vox
  • Jon Pritchett – guitar
  • Katie Pritchett – vox

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