Sunday – 10.28.12 – Pride and Arrogance

Ken Cantrell continued in Proverbs this week talking about pride and arrogance. Pride could be defined as an overabundance of self esteem; arrogance, then, is the expression of pride. So Pride is an emotion, something we feel. Arrogance is the expression of that feeling. Proverbs (and the entire Bible) always speaks negatively about pride when it comes to a person having or showing pride. Most of us understand this and would agree that too much pride is a bad thing. Perhaps some pride is appropriate  We are, after all made in God’s image and are the crown of His creation. But truthfully, we live in a culture that encourages too much pride. We are told to “take pride in our work” or “take pride in what we have accomplished” and this goes overboard. One of the primary teachings of our faith is that our “chief end” is to glorify God but our tendency, in our pride, is to glorify ourselves.

For most all of us, this starts with simply making comparisons. We find ways that we are better than others; we are taller, we are shorter, we are smarter, we are more compassionate, etc. We were made to hear that we are “very good” and so we find ways to tell ourselves that we are. This is finding ways to take pride in ourselves and it’s often our biggest problem! Even in the beginning, it was ultimately pride that caused Adam and Eve to sin against God. The Bible makes it clear that this is a problem. Proverbs tells us that pride brings disgrace and destruction; that the Lord tears down the house of the proud and that the proud will not go unpunished.

The solution, in part, is this: follow Christ’s example of humility; no rivalry, no conceit, consider others more important than yourself, be willing to take rebuke and willing to humbly rebuke others and earnestly seek the good of other people. But the solution is bigger than that. It’s more than that. Expending enormous amounts of energy trying to be humble is not ultimately the answer. The answer comes first and foremost in the gospel – the good news. Christ lived in perfect humility for all of us. He was the perfect servant. He considered others more important than himself perfectly. And He took all of the destruction and downfall that is promised for our pride. The solution ultimately start with basking in the goodness of God and what he has done for us through his son Jesus Christ.

Band for the week was:

  • Scott Wenger – bass
  • Kendal Quinn – djembe + cello
  • Jon Pritchett – mandolin
  • Katie Pritchett – vox
  • Patrick Downing – guitar + vox



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