Sunday – 11.11.12

Proverbs has a good bit to say on the topic of laziness and this week Jeff spoke on a few of those ideas.

Proverbs does not go easy on lazy people. It tells us that lazy people will suffer for their laziness. Lazy people settle for far less than the best when just a little bit of work will get the job done. They will let you down if you depend on them to get something done. And lazy people will reap the consequences of their laziness. While Proverbs is hard on laziness, it applauds work. It tells us that those who work hard are prudent, will receive recognition and will be secure. Work is a blessing, not a curse.

Most of us think that as Americans we tend to work harder than almost anyone else and, for the most part, that is true. Here is the thing – it’s not just our work that the concept of laziness applies to. The fact that we spend so many hours at work may just be a reflection of laziness in other areas of our lives. Do we work long hours so that we can be lazy as spouses? Parents? Disciples? We need to be diligent in all things so that we are lazy in nothing. When we work too many hours at work it’s easy to be lazy in other areas in the name of getting “rest”.  But the rest that we are all looking for comes not from “not doing anything”, but from doing what we are supposed to be doing; what God calls us to do.

Often times we spend enormous amounts of energy working for our own glory and trying to justify ourselves to other people so that we can feel satisfied. When we realize that only he can satisfy us, only his glory is worth striving for and only he can justify our existence, then our time comes into balance and we can truly rest in Jesus. We can rest not to avoid work but so that we can work better.

Band for the week was:

  • Aaron Chappell – guitar + vox
  • John Enzor – bass
  • Julie Watkins (+Ezra Watkins) – vox
  • Alex Dellapenta – guitar + vox
  • Jon Pritchett – guitar
  • Zack Van Hoy – drums

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