Sunday – 12.9.12

This week we were in the second week of our 3-part series called “Incarnate”. Last week Jeff spoke about why Jesus would come to earth. The simple answer is this: “God wants to be with us.” You see this message throughout the entire Bible. This week we asked another important question: “Why did Jesus come the way that He did?” Most of us would think that if God was going to come to earth he would come as a part of a great nation; a nation with power and beauty and wealth. At the time Jesus was born there was no greater nation than Rome. The Roman Empire had all of the power, beauty and wealth in the entire world. Not only that, the ruler of the Roman empire, Augustus, was thought to be a god on earth. It was thought that he would bring salvation to mankind and peace on earth. That’s some real messianic language!

When it came to the coming of the true messiah, God had actually promised to make the Hebrew nation a great nation but at the time that Jesus came, they were anything but. Jesus came to a nation that, at the time, was tiny and had no power; and no wealth. Jesus did not come in splendor. He didn’t live like Augustus did. He was born in a feed trough; in a barn; to  poor parents. Angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds – perhaps the lowliest class of person in Roman society. The Bible says there was nothing beautiful about Jesus. Nothing that would attract you to him at all.

At the time, Jesus doesn’t come to us in power. In heaven, he had power and wealth, but he gave all of that up when he came to earth. He gave that up to be able to have a relationship with us. He comes in quietly and inconspicuously. He doesn’t come into our lives the way rulers of world do. The power, beauty and wealth that our sinful hearts are so often attracted to usually leads us away from the relationship with Christ that we so desperately need and often resist. Make no mistake about it, Jesus intends to rule the entire world but not in the same way that Augustus did. He will do it on heart at a time. And in each heart, he will expand his kingdom little by little and in spite of our resistance.

Our prayer is that God would help us open our hearts to him and to the way he wants to become everything to us.

Band for the week was:

  • Jake Taylor – guitar + vox
  • Alex Dellapenta – guitar + vox
  • Patrick Downing – guitar + vox
  • Brent Francese – drums
  • John Enzor – bass



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