Sunday 5.5.13 – Why Should I Believe the Bible is True?

This was the second week in our series called Rooted in the Word. Jeff tackled the question, “Why should I believe the Bible is true?”

The Bible is constantly under attack from all directions. There seems to be an endless supply of attacks on its legitimacy; new information coming out that “disproves” it; new books of the Bible discovered that prove that the the Bible is incomplete or inaccurate. However, as a church, we absolutely affirm the Bible is the word God wants us to have. We base all of our decisions on our best understanding of the words found in it.

Truthfully, there is no way to cover the vast amounts of material that exists that back up the reliability of the Bible. While there are common objections surrounding things like the legitimacy of the Bible, the completeness of the Bible and the accuracy of the translations,  know that scripture itself claims to be the inspired word of God. In numerous places and in various ways the Bible makes the claim that it is God’s word, inspired by the Holy Spirit and written down by men. Jesus himself recognized the completeness of the Old Testament and the writers of the books in the New Testament expected there to be an eventual collection of books known as the New Testament. You can begin to see very early on that the apostles recognized contemporary writings as scripture. And in spite of plenty of textual criticisms the fact is that what we have today as our Bible is about 99.5% accurate to the original writing.


There are plenty of reasons that people resist or fight against an orthodox view of scripture. Some are genuinely curious and skeptical. Others are in it for personal gain. Still others simply don’t want to deal with the implication of the gospel if they come to find out that it’s true. If you are skeptical of the Bible and it’s claims you are not alone. But  know that there is an incredible amount of evidence that points to the Bible being trustworthy and true. Read it. Study it. It’s 66 books were penned by 42 authors over some 1,500 years but it tells one story – the good news about the man Jesus.



Band for the Week Was:

  • Jake Taylor – guitar + vox
  • Amaree Davis – Violin
  • Brent Francese – drums
  • John Enzor – bass
  • Katie Pritchett – vox
  • Alex Dellapenta – guitar + vox

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