Sunday – 6.30.13 – I Am the Resurrection and the Life

This week we continued our series in the “I Am” statements that Jesus makes in the book of John titled “Who Do People Say that I Am.”

The Book of John tells us that when a certain friend of Jesus’ named Lazarus was ill, rather than going immediately to help or heal him, Jesus stayed in the place where he was for two more days. In the meantime, Lazarus died and his family (Mary and Martha) were pretty upset about it. John tells us why Jesus did this – because He loved them. When Jesus finally arrives on the scene, Lazarus has been in the tomb for 4 days. At this point Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus assures her that Lazarus will rise again to which Mary responds that she does know that He will rise again in “the resurrection” on the last day, as many Jews believed would happen, but Jesus responds to her that HE is the resurrection and the life. Jesus was always in control of this situation and worked in such a way that would show Mary and Martha and everyone else God’s glory.

Jesus proceeds to call to Lazarus and raise him to life. Lazarus who has been dead for several days now, gets up and walks out of the tomb.

What we see here is that Jesus has given us the power of the resurrection now. He has overcome sin now, not “then.” Not sometime in the future. Martha is sad because Lazarus is dead and not coming back. He tells her that Lazarus can come back  and She says, “Yeah, I know, a long time from now, at the resurrection. But what good does that do me now?”  And Jesus says, “I am the resurrection. The resurrection is right now.” She is saying, ‘Then,’ but Jesus is saying, ‘Now.’ I am the one who brings you from death to life. He is saying, “You don’t have to wait to move from death to life. It can happen now.”  In this way, Jesus has broken us free from the chains of sin. The Bible says thats we were once dead in our trespasses and sins but God has made us alive – NOW. We are Lazarus in this story. We were once dead, but God has made us alive.

First, know that Jesus is always in control of the situation and sometimes He will allow you to suffer for His glory. Remember that it’s not your story; it’s His and He is the one who gets the glory.

Second, know that Jesus has overcome death in the here and now and so life is available here and now.


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