Sunday – 7.14.13

In John 14 we find Jesus who is just 9 hours or so from his death. His disciples have been with him for 3 years now but the time has come for Jesus to be arrested, tried and crucified. In short, He is going away. When Jesus tells them this He knows how they will respond so he tries to head them off. Over and over in this passage Jesus tells his disciples to not be anxious. This is completely understandable. Remember these are Jesus’ disciples we are talking about. DISCIPLES. They followed him everywhere. They went where He went. Said what He said. Tried to do what He did. When Jesus was physically there with them this was somewhat easy to do. But now Jesus tells them that He is going away and that they can’t come. Clearly the disciples have reason to be anxious.

They respond in different ways. Determined to follow Jesus on his own, Thomas asks Jesus to tell him the way to get to where He is going. Philip simply tries to bypass Jesus all together and asks Jesus to just show him the Father. Both miss the point completely. Jesus responds to Philip and tells him that if he has seen Jesus then he has seen the Father because Jesus and the Father are one. He responds to Thomas and tells him that HE is the way; there is no other. And then He adds that He is also the Truth and the Life.

Then to top it all off, Jesus tells them that there are “greater things” coming. Imagine what this must have sounded like to the disciples. They have seen Jesus turn water to wine. Open the eyes of the blind. Make lame people walk and deaf people hear. They have even seen him raise people from the dead. Still, He tells them that even greater things are on the way.


So many times in our lives we are just like these disciples. We think that we can make our own way to the Father. We can do something to make him accept us. Jesus tells us that there is simply no other way than Him. Other times we are seeking life in things other than Jesus. We run to things that make us temporarily happy looking for fulfillment. Other times we forget what we know to be true – that life is found only in Jesus and that the only way to the Father is through Him. We spend time trying to do great things for God when the great things of God are done only through the spirit of Jesus living in us.

Jesus, help us be better disciples of you and remember that YOU are the only way to the Father; you are the only thing thats true and that life is found only in you and in nothing else. We pray for your spirit to come and do greater things than we can even imagine. 


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